Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus + smbclient

K> contains seems to contain full samba sources.  I think there are no
> problem around license since Samba is GPL2 like as gnome-vfs.  Users
> of gnome-vfs(-extras) are able to obtain the original Samba's full
> source code, aren't they?  Or is it technical problem, such as possibility

Its a license problem. GnomeVFS is under the LGPL, not the GPL. The
reason for this is it has been decided that the GNOME platform should be
usable by both proprietary and free applications to help make it a more
viable platform for general use, hence GNOME core libraries need to use
the LGPL. If we distribute GnomeVFS modules that are GPL'ed, proprietary
clients that link against GnomeVFS will be indirectly linking against
GPL'ed code (which would not allow for this). The least painful solution
(for us) is for parts of Samba to be LGPL'ed, but I don't know if this
will happen. Until such time, modules which are GPL'ed will need to go
in gnome-vfs-extras.


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