Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus + smbclient

Dan, Seth and all,

Thank you.  I will try to use gnome-vfs-extras in spare time.
Actually, the same topic was discussed in the end of last month here.

Alex said as follows.
> There is smb: support in the gnome-vfs-extras module in the gnome vfs
> tree. It cannot be distributed with the core gnome-vfs code, since it is
> GPL due to using samba code.
in <Pine LNX 4 33 0105311228340 27508-100000 devserv devel redhat com>.

I cannot recognize this message that gnome-vfs-extras cannot be
distributed with the core gnome-vfs code.  Current gnome-vfs-extras
contains seems to contain full samba sources.  I think there are no
problem around license since Samba is GPL2 like as gnome-vfs.  Users
of gnome-vfs(-extras) are able to obtain the original Samba's full
source code, aren't they?  Or is it technical problem, such as possibility
of conflict with another installed Samba?  Please tell me why and
discuss to solve the problem.

Katsunori Tanaka

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