[Nautilus-list] Nautilus + smbclient

Hello all,

I have an idea to improve Nautilus.  Currently, Nautilus cannot access
any drives on Windows NT/2000 Servers.  Practically speaking, there are
many Windows NT/2000 Servers and UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD servers with Samba
around us and Windows clients access NT/2000 Servers's resources easily.
But Linux users have to use smbclient in command prompt inconveniently.

So I propose that we make Nautilus includes smbclient or equivalent
functions.  We will be able to coexist with Windows without conflicting.

How do you think this idea?  There are issues to be solved such as
native language support.  But don't you think this idea is attractive
and exciting?


Katsunori Tanaka

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