Re: [Nautilus-list] Replacing the GNOME theme

Hi Seth,

        Where can I see the revision?  I agree that we should make the
GNOME theme as good as we can, even if it's not the default.  My only big
problem with it is that its pointy document icon doesn't have any room for
embedded text; I wonder if we could fix that?

-- Andy

Seth Nickell wrote:

> Andy et al,
> Does anyone have objections if I replace the existing GNOME theme in CVS
> with Ben FrantzDale's excellent revision of such? Basically its a more
> stylish arrangement of the same icons (with subtle dropshadows, and some
> higher resolution versions of things like folders), and a sidebar that
> looks nice based off Crux (different colour). Very similar, just a theme
> that I'd actually consider using.
> For better or worse a number of packagers (it sounds like RedHat will)
> intend to use the GNOME theme by default, so it'd be nice to have
> distribute a version of the GNOME theme that actually excercises the
> many graphical improvements we have made over gmc. If people wanted to
> preserve the existing GNOME Theme for whatever reason, I could also
> check it in as "gnome-1.4" or something like that.
> cheers,
> -Seth
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