Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus + smbclient

Try gnome-vfs-extras module in GNOME CVS. Alex is working on a terrific
SMB implementation.


On 04 Jun 2001 14:01:10 +0900, Katsunori Tanaka wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have an idea to improve Nautilus.  Currently, Nautilus cannot access
> any drives on Windows NT/2000 Servers.  Practically speaking, there are
> many Windows NT/2000 Servers and UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD servers with Samba
> around us and Windows clients access NT/2000 Servers's resources easily.
> But Linux users have to use smbclient in command prompt inconveniently.
> So I propose that we make Nautilus includes smbclient or equivalent
> functions.  We will be able to coexist with Windows without conflicting.
> How do you think this idea?  There are issues to be solved such as
> native language support.  But don't you think this idea is attractive
> and exciting?
> Regards,
> Katsunori Tanaka
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