[Nautilus-list] Re: Oh no, more feature requests!!

wadam OCF Berkeley EDU (2001-07-26 at 0949.39 -0700):
> So rather than study for my summer class, I just made a mockup of a
> treeview where the top level folders are editable.  I also had an idea
> for a Shelf in which a special directory within the user's home
> directory acts to store items being copied and moved.  With the option

Hehe, months ago in another place, we talked about a similar
container, in applet style, but it did not store the things, just
references, so no disk space was used until needed, and you could
create selections from many places. The name was Ghost, iirc.

The tree, as you propose it, starts to make sense. Maybe it could be
named branches to avoid confusions, cos it is not the real tree, but a
cut down one ("do garden jobs with nautilus").


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