Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: moving to GNOME bugzilla (was Potential Nautilus categories for GNOME bugzilla)

On Wed, 25 Jul 2001, Darin Adler wrote:

> On Wednesday, July 25, 2001, at 08:24  AM, Jon Allen wrote:
> > I'd like to do the reoganization in before
> > the move.  That way we can simply create matching products
> > and components in at that time.
> OK. But there's a chance this will give us another reason to postpone the
> move, and it's no more difficult to reorganize after moving. Anyway, if
> you'd like to do reorganization now, then go for it! Let me know if you
> need help.
> > I'll help on the b.e.c side if we can agree on producs/components/
> > versions.  Although I can't be sure, I think Greg Leblanc has the
> > powers to help on the side and will offer
> > assistance when we're ready.
> I'd rather move the bugs as soon as possible, without having to spend the
> time to design a new set of products, components, and versions. On the
> other hand, your set looked fine to me, and I'm happy to reorganize later.
>   I don't think we need to spend a long time debating this, and I want the
> bugs moved soon.

If you're willing to help with reorganization later (after the
move) I'd be happy to move them now.  I agree that getting the
bugs moved is more important than fine-tuning the organization.
So, should we create b.g.o products/categories/versions that match
the current Eazel bugzilla?

> >>      3) figure out our own file format for moving the attachments, since
> >> the standard bugzilla XML does not deal with moving attachments, or
> >> decide
> >> that we don't need to move attachments.
> >
> > If, by not moving attachments, we can stick to standard bugzilla
> > XML I'd rather do that - it will make things easier for us.
> We'll be using the standard bugzilla XML for all the normal data. The
> question is whether we can move the attachments using a different XML
> format. This would be separate from and in addition to the standard
> bugzilla XML.
> By the way, after talking to the bugzilla maintainers, I should emphasize
> that this "standard bugzilla XML" has only really been used for the "move
> a bug from one bug database to another" feature, and is not something that'
> s been used for anything else yet. So it's a mistake to assume that it's
> really much of a "standard".

Thanks for the clarification.  So, do we want to transfer the
attachments or not?

> >>      2) figure out what we'll do for owners of categories on
> >> bugzilla.gnome.
> >> org -- perhaps we should use a mailing list like the gtk-bugs one for
> >> most
> >> bugs instead of using individuals
> >
> > I can help with this part.  I think contributing category
> > owners' addresses should be updated - mail for bugs filed
> > against their categories should go directly to them.
> > All other category owners' mail should be sent to a mailing
> > list such as nautilus-bugs gnome org 
> Could you clarify what you mean by "contributing category owners"? I'd
> like to see most components in Nautilus itself be owned by the mailing
> list rather than by me, for example. I can assign bugs to myself to
> indicate that I'm actively working on them then, rather than having 1000s
> assigned to me.

If contributors wish to own specific categories and receive
mail for them that should be possible.  The mailing list should
own all other components.  I assume we need to create a
nautilus-bugs-list gnome org?

Jon Allen
jon jonallen org

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