Re: [Nautilus-list] Oh no, more feature requests!!

Juliano Soares dos Santos wrote:
> Yes, but that's a lot of work and probably will take sometime. My
> suggestion is to put gtkhtml component as the default html viewer and
> leave the mozilla one as an option for right now.
> It's good for help view and local html preview.
> Of course the long term objective it's have a full featured webbrowser
> inside Nautilus.
> Juliano Soares dos Santos

I have no love or tender feelings for the nautilus-mozilla content
viewer.  Also, in the grand scheme of things I dont think replacing it
with gtkhtml is a big deal.

However, if you were to make that switch at this point in time, then you
would be removing some functionality from Nautilus that has been
shipping for a while.  

You may argue that its better to replace a functional (even if poorly
functional) but evil component with a less functional but good
component, and you might be right.  But, the net result would be a loss
in functionality for some poor user that actually uses the current
default html component.

The reason why I bring this up is that the silent majority of users that
know nothing about the implementation details of the html viewer and
would never care it not going to speak up.

If there is a consensus amongst the Nautilus hackers that
nautilus-gtkhtml is way, then so it is.  But is that even possible ? 
Isnt gtkhtml a dead code base ?  Isnt gtkhtml2 the new new thing ?  I

Again, what I would like to see is for someone to come forward and
overwhelm us with hacking activity on the gtkhtml component to make it
be in the ballpark of usability as the mozilla one.  But again, what is
the criteria for that ?  Starts faster ?  Uses less memory ?  Browses
the real www with real web pages that are broken and non standards
compliant ?  Less evil ?


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