Re: [Nautilus-list] reset.png

Hi Christian,

        I just checked in a fix to the problem with the reset property chit; the
text is now drawn at run-time from a translatable string.  Let me know if you
think it works properly for most languages.

        I'll  tackle fixing the emblem text in a week or two.

-- Andy

Christian Rose wrote:

> Hi Andy.
> Thanks for looking into this.
> As for the space... In Swedish "reset" would probably be "Återställ" and
> I imagine it can be even longer in some other languages. Maybe I will
> have to abbreviate it. Anyway, that will probably be a minor problem.
> I think the reset.png and the emblems are the only places I'm aware
> about where the localization is currently a problem.
> Thanks again!
> Christian
> Andy Hertzfeld wrote:
> >         I can take a shot at fixing the "reset.png" localization problem by
> > compositing the text
> > onto the property chit on the fly, as defined by a translatable string.
> > There will still be a problem that space is very limited, so you can't fit a
> > very long word in there.  I'll try to use a smaller font if it doesn't fit,
> > but at some point it might have to be truncated.
> >
> >         If that works out, I'll use a similar technique to translate the text
> > in some of the emblems, which I promised to fix a few months ago but forgot
> > about.  Are you aware of any other places in Nautilus where there's a similar
> > problem?

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