Re: [Nautilus-list] reset.png

On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 02:59:10PM -0400, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> If you're doing some icon compositing code, a similar but subtly
> different problem exists.  To be more specific -- jimmac made a lot of
> really nice folder icons for nautilus that go beyond the standard ones:
> Unfortunately, these don't survive theme changes.  It would be very cool
> to have themes be able to create new icons through compositing, and have
> a default set of nautilus emblems for those themes that don't.

Perhaps this is a tangent, but would it be better to be able to associate
an emblem to be centered on a generic icon with a mime-type as an alternative
to associating the type with a whole icon. This way you could associate a
musical note with "audio/*" and have that composited with the generic document
icon for a particular theme. You could then define emblems for directories
with particular names.

I'm not 100% sure that you would want to mix this with the mime code though...


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