Re: [Nautilus-list] nautilus developer documentation.

Josh Steiner <joschi eds org> writes:

> I am contemplating seriously trying to enhace scripting support in
> nautilus for displaying text in the notes pane and the status bar.  The
> only archetechtural documentation that I've found is in:
> but like the page says, it seems to be pretty out of date and incomplete.  
> If any of you have good links to other info for me to absorb, like links
> to particularly good mailing list threads and the like, I would really
> appriciate it.
> the other area that I would eventually like to see added into Nautilus is
> intergreation with utilites like CVS, GPG, and tar etc, linking it in with
> the emblem mechanism.  It would be so extremely awsome to be able to tell
> by just glancing at the emplems on a file if it is going to be backed up,
> encrypted, sync'd with CVS etc.  Are there concrete plans for this yet?

You just made them... (-:

But seriously, specialized emblems would be very nice.  In particular,
I'd like to be able to add certain icons to directories, like jimmac's
cool theme.  Unfortunately -- his directories don't survive theme


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