[Nautilus-list] nautilus developer documentation.

I am contemplating seriously trying to enhace scripting support in
nautilus for displaying text in the notes pane and the status bar.  The
only archetechtural documentation that I've found is in:


but like the page says, it seems to be pretty out of date and incomplete.  
If any of you have good links to other info for me to absorb, like links
to particularly good mailing list threads and the like, I would really
appriciate it.

the other area that I would eventually like to see added into Nautilus is
intergreation with utilites like CVS, GPG, and tar etc, linking it in with
the emblem mechanism.  It would be so extremely awsome to be able to tell
by just glancing at the emplems on a file if it is going to be backed up,
encrypted, sync'd with CVS etc.  Are there concrete plans for this yet?

Josh "Yoshi" Steiner - josh xiphoidprocess com - http://eds.org/~joschi 

Xiphoid Process Records - http://xiphoidprocess.com
San Francisco based electronic music.

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