Re: [Nautilus-list] More compile problems on solaris

On 17 Jul 2001, Ben FrantzDale wrote:

> Thanks to Darin's help, I've got Nautilus almost compiled on Solaris.
> However it's not quite there.
> The output of make -k is at
> There are two errors that I can see:
> There appears to be an error on line 1416 and several thereafter
> regarding a missing index.html file. Each of these is preceded by
> "/bin/sh: db2html: not found"
> Do I need db2html? If so, where do I find it?

You need db2html to build the documentation.  Look at the "Installing and
Using DocBook" part of:
The "stylesheets" program contains db2html, and you'll need the other
packages mentioned there too.

I haven't tried building these on Solaris, but I'm assuming they work.
Could anybody with experience building Nautilus on Solaris comment on
whether these packages build without modification?


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