Re: [Nautilus-list] Goals, todo, whats the direction.

On 9 Jul 2001, George Farris wrote:

> Hello I'm new to the list but I have monitored it on the web for some
> time.  I noticed recently that Konqueror seems to be moving like wild
> fire and I just wondered if there was a feature list for Nautilus that
> people are working from.
> What can we expect in the future, next month, next six months, next
> year.  What can people do to help.  How can we compete with Konqueror?
> I really hate to ask that last question.

You may hate to ask get but I'll be glad to reply :)  Konqueror is way
behind, imo, because Nautilus has a very advanced and mature rendering
engine for HTML and XML documents.  The Konqueror developers like to say
things like "most advanced browser" "all CSS2 supported" etc., but in
reality their parser, renderer, and DOM are very poor.  What this means is
they are sitting on their haunches pretending to be what Mozilla is.
Meanwhile Nautilus moves ahead with the Real Thing.

> Is anyone working on:
> RPM viewing

That already works.

> Tar viewing

gnome-vfs.  I thought tar was already in there.

> Ogg playing - something on the list about this.

This works already.

> Split pane file manager

not sure what this is but Nautilus has the tree and file view.

> SMB (Network Neighborhood) type browsing.
> AVI, MPEG, etc viewing.

Again not sure what you are getting at here but I can open an MPEG for
viewing from Nautilus no problem.

One question back to you: does Konqueror have an equivalent to Nautilus's
News pane?


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