[Nautilus-list] Goals, todo, whats the direction.

Hello I'm new to the list but I have monitored it on the web for some
time.  I noticed recently that Konqueror seems to be moving like wild
fire and I just wondered if there was a feature list for Nautilus that
people are working from.

What can we expect in the future, next month, next six months, next
year.  What can people do to help.  How can we compete with Konqueror?
I really hate to ask that last question.

Is anyone working on:
RPM viewing
Tar viewing 
Ogg playing - something on the list about this.
Split pane file manager
SMB (Network Neighborhood) type browsing.
AVI, MPEG, etc viewing.

Can someone point me to a FAQ that answers any of these questions?

Thank you.

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