Re: [Nautilus-list] Goals, todo, whats the direction.

On Monday, July 9, 2001, at 10:13  PM, George Farris wrote:

Hello I'm new to the list but I have monitored it on the web for some
time.  I noticed recently that Konqueror seems to be moving like wild
fire and I just wondered if there was a feature list for Nautilus that
people are working from.

There's no feature list right now. At the moment no one is organizing contributors and there aren't enough contributors that we have a problem with overlap.

What can we expect in the future, next month, next six months, next
year.  What can people do to help.

The next big change for Nautilus is upgrading to be part of the GNOME 2 platform. Beyond that, we don't have a road map.

How can we compete with Konqueror?

I'm not so interested in this question, personally. But if you like you may find others who want to approach it that way.

RPM viewing

There was a Nautilus viewer in early versions of Nautilus. It's not in the latest. The remnants of it are in the trilobite package on gnome cvs. No one is working on reviving it or making a new one at this time.

Tar viewing

The basic underpinnings of this are in gnome-vfs and people are talking about making it work in Nautilus again. This is something I might work on this month if I have the time.

Ogg playing - something on the list about this.

I'm not sure what the issue is here. The parts of Nautilus that play sound do know how to play ogg files, I think. But in general Nautilus doesn't try to replace all other programs, so it wouldn't necessarily need a built-in ogg player. Maybe you can narrow this down to something more specific so we can see if others want a change in this area.

Split pane file manager

I'm not sure we want to use panes exactly the way Konqueror does, but it wouldn't be hard to do that if some contributor wanted to work out the user interface issues.

SMB (Network Neighborhood) type browsing.

This feature is there if you install the new gnome-vfs-extras package. I don't know how polished the UI is, or if distributions and packagers are going to start installing gnome-vfs-extras.

AVI, MPEG, etc viewing.

This doesn't make much sense to me. If someone wants to make a component so you can see AVIs and MPEGs in the Nautilus window, that seems OK, but I don't see how that's significantly better than viewing them in their own window with a separate program.

No one is working on this right now.

Can someone point me to a FAQ that answers any of these questions?

There isn't one. For one thing, these aren't frequently-asked yet.

    -- Darin

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