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Jonathan Blandford wrote:

Marius Stepien <marius linuxgamer de> writes:

Hello !

I like the abbility of nautilus to listen to MP3s by leaving the mouse
pointer above a mp3 file. Now I plan to convert my MP3s to ogg vorbis,
so I wanted to ask if there are plans to make nautilus support this
file-type ?  Thank you !

It should do that already.  It would be nice to have someone port the
music view to handle .ogg files, though.  I started this a while ago,
but put it down due to the 'not-enough-spare-cycles' problem.


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I also did some work about it. I would be interrested in sharing experiences about it. Was you able to read ogg files ? I was able to read ogg in preview mode (add no problems) but I ran into some problems when implementing the multi threaded player. It turns into an instable state after 2 or three play/stop/pause cycles. I also didn't yet implemented the fetch functionality. Another work I think should be done is to enable the music view to be file type/player type independent. I have some thought about it, but I did nothing at now.

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