Re: [Nautilus-list] Thumbnailing bug

On Monday, August 20, 2001, at 09:48  AM, Alex Larsson wrote:

No. Looking closer at them there seem to be a few more broken ones:

* nautilus_thumbnail_has_invalid_thumbnail() always believes
uri_is_local() which is broken. It should probably look for broken
thumbnails first in local, and then in global. (Although this might add
more blocking remote calls...)

* nautilus_update_thumbnail_file_renamed_one() also believes
uri_is_local(). It needs to try both local and global.

* nautilus_remove_thumbnail_for_file_one() too. Needs to remove both local
and global thumbnails.

I'm glad you tracked this down. Lets fix all of them!

I think this should be codified in gnome-vfs.
Something like:
1) gnome_vfs_uri_access_is_fast()

This seems like a very subjective thing, but I'm sure we can come up with a clearer definition than we had for is_local. I say we get this change into gnome-vfs for GNOME 2 as soon as possible.

2) gnome_vfs_uri_is_filesystem_path() +
   gnome_vfs_uri_get_filesystem_path() [These have to be fast (no fs
   access) This would help a lot with stuff like the desktop uri schemes.
   I.e. I had to hack in support for monitoring of favourites: uris by
   hardcoding the favourites path.]

It could be nice to have something like these in gnome-vfs, yes, although I'm not absolutely sure this is the complete set. Also, it seems that a get_filesystem_path call that can just return NULL is probably superior to having two separate calls. Lets add them to the GNOME 2 version before it'
s too late!

I'm uncomfortable with adding them to the GnomeVFSURI API, though, since the long term direction is to get rid of GnomeVFSURI from the gnome-vfs API. The rationale is that it's better to make URIs be kept around as text,
 and support operations on them, just as we do with filenames.

3) The gnome_vfs_get_uri_from_local_path() and
   gnome_vfs_get_local_path_from_uri() might be a bit badly named, since
   they essentially only handle file: uris.

Specifically what names would you suggest we to fix this? I am receptive to the idea.

Do we really need a gnome_vfs_get_local_path_from_uri that's distinct from the new call you suggest above? I wonder in what contexts we'd not want to interpret URIs like "favorites:".

    -- Darin

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