Re: [Nautilus-list] URLs fixed, some Eazel removed

On Monday, August 20, 2001, at 04:20  PM, Christian Meyer wrote:

I've just found some obsolete stuff about Eazel URLs and Eazel Services.
I think they aren't necessary anymore, so I created some diffs. As for the function save_window_states I'm not sure if I can simply remove the eazel-install stuff. Thus i just commented these lines. Maybe some other functions rely on them.

The changes to nautilus-shell-ui.xml look perfect. Please commit those.

The changes to nautilus-shell.c look OK. You should actually remove the code and the comment in save_window_states rather than commenting it out. It's not like commenting it out makes it any easier to bring the code back -- we still have it in cvs, after all. I think that save_window_states itself will probably go eventually. Also, you changed the other place to use a single spaces after the period, but there's still a double space after another period later in that same message. We want to be consistent.
 Please fix those things and commit.

The changes to nautilus-service-ui.xml are unnecessary. Instead we should just remove that entire file along with nautilus-services.[ch] and nautilus-window-service-ui.[ch]. Changes to other files that include these will be required as well. For now, it would be OK to leave that file alone if you don't want to tackle these right now.

    -- Darin

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