Re: [Nautilus-list] Help out

David Pettersson <dave se linux org> writes:

> Hi all,
> Just thought I'd announce my interest in helping out with the development of
> Nautilus. If there's a todo list, or if anyone needs help with anything,
> please let me know.


There is a bug list at, and most nautilus issues
should be there.  Unfortunately, a lot of these bugs require a fairly
intimate knowledge of Nautilus, so browsing through there may be
counterproductive.  What feature do you think nautilus
needs, or what bug would you like to see fixed?  That may be a good
place to start.  There are a lot of small to medium-size projects
that could really be worthwhile.

> I used to be a GNOME user (pre-1.0), but lost contact somewhere along the
> way. I'm back now anyway, and I'm looking for something to do. I am fairly
> skilled in C and familiar with the GTK/GNOME libraries, but I haven't really
> cut my teeth yet.

That's a really good start.  Feel free to write back with questions if
you want.

Good Luck,

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