Re: [Nautilus-list] De-Lurk, Hello, Question: Roadmap?

On Monday, August 6, 2001, at 08:39  AM, Aaron Weber wrote:

Is there a roadmap for Nautilus 2.0 anywhere?


If not, should we develop one?

Can't see any reason not to.

Currently, the only concrete plans for Nautilus are to port to GNOME 2. I was planning to call this Nautilus 1.2, but maybe it should be called 2.0 just to reduce confusion about GNOME 1 vs. 2. Just getting over to the new versions of libraries for GNOME 2 is a lot of work in itself. Besides that, we are just "following our noses", dealing with problems as they are reported and all of that.

Andy has some other things he's working on, so we should get those into a road map.

If we had some more volunteers, then a more ambitious road map would be nice to have.

In bugzilla, the bug targets go up to 1.0 or so, and then "Future" ...
so it seems like at least we should have some sort of decision about
what "future" means. :>

Yes. The idea there is that we notice new bugs by the fact that they have no milestone set. A milestone set to Future means that we decided at some point that they weren't for 1.0.

The top priority for Bugzilla right now is actually moving the bugs to, which is why I haven't done anything about this yet.

I personally am going to make the bug moving (and dealing with the various incoming patches) my top priority and then work on something like a road map once that's done. But that shouldn't stop you from making some kind of road map sooner.

    -- Darin

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