RE: [Nautilus-list] De-Lurk, Hello, Question: Roadmap?

I'd be interested in helping out with some roadmap-type things, or other
tasks that don't require a hacking setup.....My plans for hacking on
nautilus this summer have been thwarted by a dead home computer, so I am
stuck with a windows machine at work.  But I have some spare time to devote
to nautilus if that is useful to anyone.  I'm hoping that I can do some
hacking once I buy a new home machine, but I'd still like to contribute


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> On Monday, August 6, 2001, at 08:39  AM, Aaron Weber wrote:
> > Is there a roadmap for Nautilus 2.0 anywhere?
> No.
> > If not, should we develop one?
> Can't see any reason not to.
> Currently, the only concrete plans for Nautilus are to port to GNOME 2. I
> was planning to call this Nautilus 1.2, but maybe it should be called 2.0
> just to reduce confusion about GNOME 1 vs. 2. Just getting over
> to the new
> versions of libraries for GNOME 2 is a lot of work in itself.
> Besides that,
>   we are just "following our noses", dealing with problems as they are
> reported and all of that.
> Andy has some other things he's working on, so we should get those into a
> road map.
> If we had some more volunteers, then a more ambitious road map would be
> nice to have.
> > In bugzilla, the bug targets go up to 1.0 or so, and then "Future" ...
> > so it seems like at least we should have some sort of decision about
> > what "future" means. :>
> Yes. The idea there is that we notice new bugs by the fact that they have
> no milestone set. A milestone set to Future means that we decided at some
> point that they weren't for 1.0.
> The top priority for Bugzilla right now is actually moving the bugs to
>, which is why I haven't done anything about this yet.
> I personally am going to make the bug moving (and dealing with
> the various
> incoming patches) my top priority and then work on something like a road
> map once that's done. But that shouldn't stop you from making
> some kind of
> road map sooner.
>      -- Darin
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