[Nautilus-list] Gnome weirdness

I would really like to help and get to the bottom of this.

Whilst posting to this newsgroup, Gnome went wierd on me. I had the following programs running:


On calling up gtop, I lost icons at the top of evolution window. I had the ability to access gnome menus but no action on pushing buttons in menus. Only action seeming to work was 'kill app'. I then tried to log-off menu came up buttons pushed seemed to try and logoff but nothing happened. Solution ctrl-alt-backspace. During the period of seing what would make gnome respond I dragged various windows across screen getting a nice trail of window fragments.

Is the problem:

1. sawfish
2. nautilus

From experince Gnome 1.2 & Redhat 7.0/7.1, on two different computers I have in the past put some of these problems down to sawfish and/or themes. On changing to some themes downloaded from www.themes.org I have found that pan and sylpheed have crash complaining about gtk stuff. Changing the theme seemed to solve the problem.

Who/where should I be sending this sort of information to if it isnt a nautilus problem, and what could I do to find out more about what is going on so I could be more helpful..

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