Re: [Nautilus-list] Terminal as a sidebar tab

On Sun 05, 04:01:02, Neven Boric wrote:
> By looking on the README
> Features
> --------
> * Follows view changes in nautilus
> * Updates the view in nautilus according to your current location
> * Ability to toggle transparency and shaded background
> * Switch between three colour schemes
> How do I toggle transparency and switch between color schemes?

Get the newest version from
In which there is a merged-in 'Terminal' menu when you have activated the

> Another thing, when I open the terminal, it prints the prompt from up to
> down one letter at a time. Is it normal?

Yes, it happens sometimes to me, too. 
Until now I thought it was just because I have a rather long prompt...
Sadly I don't know how to fix this.

> BTW great work



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