Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus: room for improvement

On 04 Aug 2001 10:21:05 -0700, David Tabachnikov wrote:
> On August 4, 2001 08:47 am, S A Jarrett-Sprague wrote:
> > Hi
>  >
> > 1. I can't look into tar.gz files (minor issue but irritating.)
> It's worked on...
> > 2. I can't click onto a tar.gz file and extract it (very irritating).
> It's a one line script... Very easy to do. Look at one of the Nau scripts 
I beleive that nautilus should handle this sort of things natively. btw
I love nautilus scripting feature, but not everyone knows how to do it
ie its a problem for those users.
> sites...
> > 3. When I arrive at a folder where I want to do some compiling I can't
> > just click on a menu and get a terminal associated with this folder, so
> > I can just type ./configure, su etc. (very irritating).
> Same as above - one small script....
Did not someone had patch that added a terminal as a side bar. great
idea I cant wait to use it. :-D
> > 4. Split-windows. (minor issue but nice feature to have when copy and
> > pasting from  one local directory to another or from an ftp site to a
> > local directory.
I would rather see a shelf ( Real estate wise this would be more
efficient ) side bar or an abstract folder ( ofcourse the icon for this
would have look very different from all other regular folder icons as to
not confuse users ) over a split window...I beleive I submitted a while
ago bug report regarding this...may be I'll a take crack at it myself
when I get some free time later this month. 
> Yeah, that is indeed annoying.
> > 5. No feedback in gnome that when launching Nautilus that something is
> > happening (same goes for all gnome programs). At least with KDE, konqi
> > you get a little spinning disk on the taskbar telling you your program
> > is firing up. (very irritating not having this).
> GNOME1.4 was supposed to have that, but it was removed at the last minute 
> because of some problem with the implementation...
> >
> > Well thats my feedback, I will watch with interest to see how Nautilus
> > matures.
> >
> About the freezes, well, I never had any freezes with the latest Nautilus 
> from CVS, or indeed any other GNOME program... Now I'm on a different 
> computer, which runs KDE2, and it freezes rather frequently... For example, 
> while writing this letter, the KDE2 window manager restarted itself for no 
> reason... So KDE2 got where to mature too...
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