Re: [Nautilus-list] Using drag and drop to copy files in Nautilus?

Darin Adler wrote:

> > Dragging into a list is sort of painful anyways.  There isn't any 'dead
> > space' to drop it.  For example, you couldn't drag a file into a
> > directory just containing a bunch of directories -- you would end up
> > dropping it into a directory itself.
> That is a problem. We had a nice solution for this on Macintosh. Only
> dragging on the icon counted as "dragging into the folder".

I've always rather liked the way the Netscape 4.x bookmark editor
handles this.  It allows you to drop onto/into or inbetween items in its
list, and makes it perfectly clear with good highlighting which of the
two is going to happen before you release the mouse button. 
(Mozilla/NS6 doesn't do it quite so well, from what I remember.)


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