Re: [Nautilus-list] Background Size

> By this do you mean that your desktop background image isn't being
> scaled to fit the screen or that there are icons that are in the bottom
> right corner of the screen at 1024x768 that are hidden at 800x600?

Actually.. I'm beginning to think that he may be experiencing the limits
of X. X cannot really change resolution dynamically, so if a user switches
between 1024x768 and 800x600 with for instance ctrl-alt-+/-, the desktop
will still be the size of the first resolution listed under that
color-depth in XF86Config. This would mean that the desktop is still 1024
pixels wide, but the resolution 800x600.. this is solved with
virtual-screen (scrolling).

The solution is to change the values and restart X every time you need to
change resolution properly.

>> howdy,
>> i am new to ximian gnome (and Linux in general) and have a question
>> concerning how Nautilus draws the background. i use it on a laptop that

I'm sorry if the above solution isn't applicable, but you stated that you
were new to Linux in general, and this is something plenty of newbies have
problems with.


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