Re: [Nautilus-list] Using drag and drop to copy files in Nautilus?

On Wednesday, August 1, 2001, at 04:31  PM, Jonathan Blandford wrote:

Okay -- I can probably do that.  It doesn't sound very hard.  The only
question is does the desktop's handler exist for any special reason?

Oh crap. I didn't realize the desktop had a handler for that signal. That'
s probably the code to handle dragging certain things to the desktop that Gene Ragan added very late in the development process. I'm guessing that code can be removed if you are doing other kinds of support for .desktop files, but I haven't looked at it myself.

eel_list_drag_data calls eel_drag_build_selection_list for both the
gnome icon list type and the URI list type. The
eel_drag_build_selection_list assumes the icon list format. Of course,
the code that knows about file manager details should not be in Eel,
since it really belongs in FMListView or FMDirectoryView, not EelList
at all.

Dragging into a list is sort of painful anyways.  There isn't any 'dead
space' to drop it.  For example, you couldn't drag a file into a
directory just containing a bunch of directories -- you would end up
dropping it into a directory itself.

That is a problem. We had a nice solution for this on Macintosh. Only dragging on the icon counted as "dragging into the folder".

I'd like to see another try at fixing this that shares more of the
existing code instead of writing so much new code.

Hrm.  I can get rid of the "handle_uri_list" signal and try to handle
uri-lists in nautilus-icon-dnd.c.  However I'd like to see consistent
logic in all file views if possible, and I feel insufficiently oriented
with the code to know where that should go, and I certainly don't have
time to write/test it before the next RH release.

I'd be cleaning this up now, but I am not doing it at least in part for fear of causing conflict with Red Hat patches. I'll tackle it some time soon, after we roll your patches over.

    -- Darin

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