Re: [Nautilus-list] Integration of gmc and nautilusdesktopdirectories.

> Yes, but seeing as we've removed the c:\windows\Profiles\iain crap and
> replaced it with ~/ I don't see that it's that much of a problem. We
> cannot control what goes into the ~ directory. applications may dump
> random crap in there, a core file may appear there. We can have all the
> extra stuff we want (.hidden files, rename files to pretty things) but
> in the end, nothing is going to be perfect, because we cannot anticipate
> everything that will happen. Until we do have control of all the apps a
> user is likely to run (by GNOME 2.2 surely :) having the Desktop being ~
> is not a good idea.

This is a cleanup issue. I have been running with ~ as my desktop for a
few weeks now. The only annoying things that have been dumped there have
been ns_imap and a Java Plugin info trace once. It turns out that
applications are pretty damn respectful of the ~/ folder. Violating the
sanctity and non-clutter of the folder tends to invoke wrath, even
(particularly?) in console-based circles.


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