Re: [Nautilus-list] Integration of gmc and nautilus desktop directories.

on 4/12/01 12:25 PM, Miguel de Icaza at miguel ximian com wrote:

> We could add some migration code that moves the contents of the old
> ~/.nautilus/desktop to ~/.gnome-desktop
> If you are interested I can do it.

For the Ximian release, you definitely should do it. Don't you think? If
you're going to make the rest of these changes, I think you need to make
that change too.

On the other hand, if you do this it does mean that people who start with
the Ximian Nautilus and then get a newer version elsewhere will be screwed
unless I take your change.

> I heard about Tuomas' ~ idea for the desktop.  It is definetly an
> interesting concept, but one that might not fly given the current Unix
> user base.   That is just my feeling right now about Tuomas' idea

My feeling too.

    -- Darin

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