Re: [Nautilus-list] Integration of gmc and nautilus desktop directories.

> <hacker> But my homedir is a huge mess and it would be embarassing if
> everyone could see it! <- "hacker" misses the point here.

Well, as you point out there's a lot of crap in $HOME that has to be
there. I'd rather not have these folders on my Desktop, as I like my
desktop to be rather empty and only have really important things on it.
I think I look in ~/evolution once a year, so I don't want it on my
Desktop but I can't remove it without bad things happening.

I wouldn't have any problems with the desktop being something like
~/Desktop. Plus I think most windows people can handle this as the
Desktop in windows is c:\windows\Profiles\iain\Desktop (or
c:\windows\Desktop if there's no user setup)

> I know this is not a perfect solution. Bad Things happen if you rename
> the ~/evolution or ~/Nautilus or ~/nsmail dirs for example. But all
> these things could be solved somehow. A list of "common things to hide
> on the desktop" for example. Maybe automatically hide those for Novice
> user level? Whatever. 

Ah, I don't even want to see them on the desktop in hacker mode :)

> they are likely to freak out if their pr0n collection suddenly
> ends up as thumbnails 

Would that not be useful :)
"Oh, my pr0n collection has suddenly appeared in a place that is much
easier to see"

> Watch a hardcore shell-user love a graphical shell for a change :)

Yeah, Nautilus made me do that too. I think I've got like 10 directories
in my $HOME now.


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