Re: [Nautilus-list] Integration of gmc and nautilus desktop directories.

> The reason I am talking about this: On windows / mac there exists the
> File Selector. The File Selector knows about the desktop and defaults
> your saves there. But on Un*x there is no "The File Selector". There are
> "Legacy NON-GNOME Applications" like our dear web browser Mozilla. Or
> The Gimp. I dont think it is reasonable to assume that users will not
> use any non-gnome applications. Why should they learn to know where
> their desktop directory is?

After reading some comments from you and others on the list, it seems
like the home directory in Unix does indeed map well to the Windows
home directory.  Various well-known folders are stored there, and
messing with them would cause trouble.

The right solution might be to ship applications that have been
enhanced to store things in the desktop directory (this is the reason
why I did the gmc/nautilus patches, so that files you download with
Mozilla would show up on the desktop after you download them).


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