Re: [Nautilus-list] Integration of gmc and nautilus desktop directories.

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

Le sam, 14 avr 2001 10:12:05, Jeff Waugh a écrit :

<quote who="Ben Ford">

So how is $HOME and the desktop any different from "My

Documents" and
the desktop?  You will confuse the  *hell* out of

windows users with
this idea!

$HOME is a much more powerful concept than "My Documents",
and is central to
networking workstations, yada.

I don't think using the "but what about the Windows
users!" plea is relevant
here (at all), nor would I like to see the horrendous mess
of magic files and
folders on that platform replicated in GNOME.

Yes. Oh please not the horrible convoluted and half hidden
user file hierarchy of Win2k. Keep it unix. KISS

What is so "un-simple" about this?


Why clutter my $HOME with application lauchers and URLs and such? Why clutter my desktop with the software I am compiling? If somebody wants to see their home directory there is a big freakin icon that says "home directory", how hard can it be?

Keeping it simple means having separate directories, for $HOME and the desktop. Not combining them and then writing a whole mess of filters so that nsmail, ns_imap, etc. don't show up!

And nobody ever proposed win2k's jackass scheme.


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Guess which has occurred.
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