Re: [Nautilus-list] Integration of gmc and nautilus desktop directories.

Le sam, 14 avr 2001 10:12:05, Jeff Waugh a écrit :
> <quote who="Ben Ford">
> > So how is $HOME and the desktop any different from "My
> Documents" and 
> > the desktop?  You will confuse the  *hell* out of
> windows users with 
> > this idea!
> $HOME is a much more powerful concept than "My Documents",
> and is central to
> networking workstations, yada.
> I don't think using the "but what about the Windows
> users!" plea is relevant
> here (at all), nor would I like to see the horrendous mess
> of magic files and
> folders on that platform replicated in GNOME.

Yes. Oh please not the horrible convoluted and half hidden
user file hierarchy of Win2k. Keep it unix. KISS


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