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On Thu, 11 May 2000, Younger, Kristofer wrote: 

[stuff clipped for conciseness]

> Yeah, but nautilus ought to have one, well-considered, unified and plain
> notion on how to move these things around, be it text, HTML, gfx, files,
> URLs, email and all the other 'stuff' a user will keep track of. If it's
> cut/paste great, if it's drag-n-drop great, but it should be "the way" and
> the same in almost all cases.

I disagree.  Drag-n-drop and copy/paste are both powerful and flexible
methods.  And both methods make sense for all examples of data you list
above.  So why shouldn't both be supported? Picking only one way is going
to aggrevate users no matter which way it is that you pick.  Several user
interface experts (Joel Spolsky, Bruce Togininsky, Allen Cooper, etc) say
that when feasible, programmers should try to match the users expectation
of how a program will work.  Unfortunatly, Nautilus' users are going to be
coming in to the linux world expecting both actions to work.

Joshua Boyd

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