Re: [Nautilus-list] tree view

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> My personal problem with Cut & Paste for files is that it is an
> over-extension of the Cut and Paste metaphor, in my opinion, a bad
> one, and this shows through in some ways.

I also don't like the metaphor, but I use it in Windows :).

I got an idea that has the better of both, what about:

1. You have the usual "Copy" and "Move" words that users expect.
2. When you select "Copy" Nautilus will show a message in the status
a icon near the cursor, an icon in the toolbar, or just a floating
tooltip, ...
you choose as you are the experts. This message/icon will say: "Select
the location to copy files" or "Select the new location for the files"
3. Then you cd to the directory you want to "Copy" or "Move" the files,
it's just the same as "Copy/Paste" but doesn't has the bad metaphor. You
rigth click on the Directory or you click a toolbar icon saying: "Copy
or "Move here!", then the process starts. You can of course say: "copy
the 3
files and 2 directories (from xxxx) here!", it's your choice.

4. This has the same "speed" that windows user claim about Copy/Paste,
uses the rigth words, "Copy" and "Move" and, by the way, helps the user
with messages (I really like the floating tooltip idea).

What do you think?

Hope this helps.

Manuel Clos.

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