Re: [Muine] [PATCH] incomplete albums

Hey Gabor,
I'm a native Hebrew speaker and have a lot of Hebrew music on my
library. Unfortunately I can play only a tiny part of it with Muine
since all of my Hebrew MP3s aren't displayed correctly. OGG files are
okay, as you said.

First thing I'd like to say that I've been tagging some of Hebrew
files with EasyTag to change small things as track number, year and
such, without touching the title or artist tag. As far as I can
remember, it didn't ruin the Hebrew tags I had (and Muine couldn't
read), it just changed those certain fields I have changed.
I hope I'm not wrong since I have ran EasyTag over my whole Music
Library over the last night, so I'll check its results when I'll get

Second thing - are you saying that I could use eyeD3 to tag my Hebrew
music and get it displayed correctly in Muine?


Edit - I've just tried eye3D and it gives me error when trying to
write Hebrew tags. Oh well.

On Sun, 16 Jan 2005 13:55:49 +0100, gabor <gabor z10n net> wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 16, 2005 at 01:31:50AM +0100, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> > On Sun, 2005-01-16 at 01:01 +0200, Yo'av Moshe wrote:
> > > So, since I'm no shell coder either (damn it I'm just no good, gotta
> > > learn *something*), I went ahead and checked EasyTag, which I use
> > > regularly on my music library.
> > >
> > > Apparently EasyTag works great for us - If you have EasyTag to check
> > > sub-directories, you can just point it to your 'albums' directory,
> > > have it scan all of your songs, select all of them, and, here's the
> > > magic -> click the button that is left to the total-tracks input field
> > > and have it all tagged correctly! Yup, even though you have them all
> > > selected it will tag it by the number of files in the directory. Just
> > > save and that's it.
> >
> > Rocking.
> >
> > Well, I commited the stuff then- once we release this, we should point
> > people to easytag to fix their collections if they lack this tag.
> that's all cool, only one little warning.
> ogg files are ok.
> but mp3 files... the id3-hell is still not over.
> easytag is not able to handle the following things:
> -non-latin1 text frames in id3v2 tags (so no unicode stuff or such)
>     -they are trying to switch to tagLib to solve this problem
> -id3v2.4 (for example when you want to have gain info in the tags, then
> id3v2.4 is the only way to go).
>     -easytag simply ignored the id3v2.4 tag in my files. imho if i have
>     an mp3 with id3v2.4, and let it be tagged by easytag, it will ERASE
>  the old info
>         -i'll have to doublecheck this, i cannot check it now, but will
>         check it and send a mail tomorrow
>     -this problem (imho) would also vanish with tagLib support in
>     easytag
> to summarize:
> easytag is a very nice program, i use it a lot to fix/create the tags in
> my music files, but it can be dangerous to simply apply it to your music
> collection.
> btw. the ONLY software which seems to correctly edit non-latin1 tag data
> is eyeD3 (a library), and the Amarok music player (and maybe also Juk).
> gabor
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