Re: [Muine] NEW PRERELEASE: 0.8.0pre4

> Moving Search to AddWindow doesn't seem like a good idea to me, as now
> with the PotentialItems stuff the list of Albums/Songs will be iterated
> twice for every search. 

True, although I think this is more a deficiency in my implementation
than a deficiency in the design.. now I think about it, I should have
added something like a IsRelevantItem method that would return say
album.FitsCriteria (SearchBits) && album.Complete in AddAlbumWindow's
case, and then I could have called that from search, thus removing the
need for two iterations over the list. Also that way there would be no
need for the OnAlbum* (or OnSong*) handlers inside the two either. I can
code up the changes easily enough and send them to you if you are

> Also, the search limiting stuff is really only
> relevant for the AddSongWindow.

Also true, but I figured having the option of doing the same thing for
AddAlbumWindow was probably sensible.


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