Re: MeeGo

Am 15.02.2010 19:02, schrieb Mike Turquette:
> What does this mean for GNOME Mobile?  From the Architecture page:
> "MeeGo UI Toolkit
> The MeeGo UI toolkit is the primary toolkit for developing MeeGo
> applications and is based on Qt with specific enhancements and
> additions. GTK and Clutter are also included for application
> compatibility."
> Sounds like GTK+ is taking a back seat.  More info at
> Mike

yes, gtk+ takes a backseat. So what can we do? gtk+ needs to make a better first
impression on software vendors as well. There are people working on that, but
those are clearly not enough of them. Almost everyone can help with

- moving the apis docs from tmpl to inline
- afterward improving the docs
- getting rid of cruft in the code
- writing tests
- review pending patches
- help triaging bugs

Don't take any of those platform decisions cast in stone, in the end the
companies will use what they feel is better,


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