Gnome mobile status?

Hi All,

Just wondering what the status of gnome-mobile is. I don't read
anything about it in the release announcement for gnome 2.24 beta
(would have been thought that was one of the best spots to get it
so wondering what the status is.

Fedora is putting together a SIG for small devices such as netbooks,
MIDs etc so I thought I'd look at putting together a spin for
gnome-mobile as well as possibly hildon as part of that.

Looking around I found which has a
list of modules, of that list the only ones that aren't currently in
Fedora are matchbox-desktop and matchbox-panel but I'm not sure of the
status of them as the last release was back in around March 07. I now
have an installable test of a gnome-mobile meta package but will need
to file some Fedora bugs to help split out some deps.

Also what is the status of hildon within gnome? I don't see any
updates to l.g.o since Feb nor any release tarballs, its suppose to be
part of moblin but it all looks a little fragmented. Is it still due
to come across from nokia/maemo?


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