Re: Initial draft of GNOME Mobile annual report article

2008/12/30 Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org>:


> and in the core group of GNOME mobile (or just state that they have worked
> on many of the GNOME Mobile tecnologies.
>> Edition also had releases this year. Under economic pressure, the OLPC
>> project was forced into a change of direction, and the
> I either wouldn't mention that they were forced into a change of direction
> or I'd say what it was. "The OLPC project is now shipping also with non open
> source software solutions. After the announcement it was apparent that Sugar
> had widespread support which enabled the ..."

In case it helps: From

1. Microsoft committed to purchase 10,000 machines in May, customized
to run Windows. They're free to do whatever they want with those
machines. For instance: if Microsoft wants to run a pilot of
unspecified size in two towns, and turn that pilot into a huge PR
event... they are perfectly free to do that.

2. The reason these 10,000 systems had to be customized? Simple:
Windows can't even boot on open firmware. Can't even boot! Which means
that the other 990,000 XO (or so) systems in the wild CANNOT EVEN RUN
WINDOWS with the firmware installed on them.

3. OLPC builds XOs with Linux. OLPC will continue to build XOs with
Linux. OLPC has no plans to change this. None.


Sayamindu Dasgupta

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