Obviously it's fine if nobody can remember-- it has been a while since 
it was written, after all-- but here's a thing I was wondering:

In process_property_notify() in window.c there lies the comment

  /* Second, property notifies we want to use.
   * FIXME once we move entirely to the window-props.h framework, we
   * can just call reload on the property in the event and get rid of
   * this if-else chain.

When I first read this, I assumed that "entirely" meant that there were 
some properties already handled by the window-props framework as a 
general case, and the properties in the big if-else statement below were 
the remaining ones which just hadn't been moved over yet.

However, after reading the code, it seems to me that in fact what it 
means is that window-props is only ever used at present:

  a) to handle ALL the properties together when a window is first 

  b) from that big if-else statement.

If this is correct, I assume from the comment above that the 
window-props code was also intended to be used on receipt of 
PropertyNotify (which would have made the code easier to read), but that 
this never happened.  Is this correct?



Thomas Thurman, tthurman at gnome,
With all the effort it took to get the door open, I wouldn't suggest closing it again.

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