How to ensure that app has focus on user input

Good day!

I'm having slight problems with making sure that a specific window has
focus on user-input.
We[1] in hamster applet are using global hot-keys to show and hide
main window, and the thing is, that the window gets its focus on
random basis - sometimes it stays behind the current window (whichever
that is) and thus, user has to hit hot-key two more times (hide and
show again) to get it focused.

Current workaround is gtk.idle_add, which waits until all processing
has been done, but that is clearly a workaround.
Looking around it seems, that deskbar and others with same task,
suffer from same problem, and tomboy appears to use a custom function
to fiddle with event times - tomboy_window_override_user_time[2]

Thus my question is - What would be the proper way to ensure focus?

Regards and thanks for the awesome work you are doing!



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