Re: New compositor patch

> Hate to say it, but it will actually crash unless you have the X server from
> The technical reason is that it relies on the COMPOSITE extension not 
> sending
> MapNotify/UnmapNotify events when it first redirects the windows.
Are you sure that's the issue?

Here's the X error I get when starting the patched metacity (also had to
do some autofoo tweaks as Elijah mentioned):

Window manager warning: Log level 6: file wswindow.c: line 101
(ws_window_new_gl): assertion failed: (visinfo)

I looked up that line some time ago (and the code around it), looks like
you depend on an OpenGL feature my driver (nvidia 1.0.8178) doesn't
support? I'm not into GL coding though, might be a wrong guess.

I got GLX enabled:
$ glxinfo | grep direct
direct rendering: Yes

If you need more info, just ask.



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