Re: New compositor patch

Ikke wrote:

Here is a new patch that takes care of most of the previous comments.
I'd really like to get something committed to HEAD. This patch should
be minimally intrusive to a non-compositing metacity.
I'll try to test this today. I tried your previous work in the -spif2
branch, but didnt get it to work, not even the libcm tests and demo
executables (worked several hours on it).
Let's hope I'll be luckier now :-)

(Running Xorg 7.0 using the binary nvidia driver on a Geforce2MX440
64MB, nothing fancy)
Hate to say it, but it will actually crash unless you have the X server from

The technical reason is that it relies on the COMPOSITE extension not sending
MapNotify/UnmapNotify events when it first redirects the windows.


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