Re: About Compositing

Soeren Sandmann wrote:

Bill Haneman wrote:

One worry/concern to keep in mind is that at least for the forseeable future we need to keep the metacity-compositing stuff eye-candy/optional only. The reason for this IMO is not just that COMPOSITE isn't yet universal, but that accessibility magnification will need to use compositing for its own purposes; specifically, the magnification service will need to be the compositing manager.

Why does it need to *be* the compositing manager? Isn't it sufficient for the magnifier to just know that there *is* a compositing manager (so that the contents of windows is
available offscreen?)

No, the magnifier needs to do the actual compositing, in order to control the way the windows are displayed onscreen. I didn't think a random client could access the uncomposited pixmap contents of the window tree. Anyhow, for performance reasons we wouldn't want to, it should be the compositing manager itself.



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