About Compositing

Hello guys,

I don't really know if I'm at the good place to write about this..

Most ppl who want to use compositing use xcompmgr, who we all know is
really buggy, and not very well integrated with gnome.
Is there ppl in the metacity dev team who thinks they will try to
integrate compositing inside metacity someday?
By the way I see metacity, which might be your way or not, I think
metacity has to be kept away from any bloating, and putting the
compmgr inside metacity code might be an error. Still, is there some
way of creating a compmgr explicitely for gnome ?

That way, we can be sure windows and panels are not treated the same
way, that when we try to close a session, the window shows up, and a
lot of things like that...

I'm ready to give my time coding on this if it is possible...
It's not really a feature request, but more a "is it feasible ?"

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