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Elijah Newren wrote:


Soeren's heading up the effort; there exist both a spiffifity and
spif2 branch in CVS for this. Carl has begun helping recently. Christian may join the effort soon as he's talked about it on irc a
few different times over the past couple weeks.  I know virtually
nothing about it.

Soeren: Where/how should I refer people that offer to help with the
compositing stuff?  What about bugs and patches submitted in bugzilla
(e.g. can/should they be marked as invalid if they're against head
instead of one of the branches)?
One worry/concern to keep in mind is that at least for the forseeable future we need to keep the metacity-compositing stuff eye-candy/optional only. The reason for this IMO is not just that COMPOSITE isn't yet universal, but that accessibility magnification will need to use compositing for its own purposes; specifically, the magnification service will need to be the compositing manager. At the moment the COMPOSITE api doesn't allow more than one compositing manager, or provide for 'chaining' of compositing ops. I think that as folks gain more real-world experience with COMPOSITE it will be important to try and figure out such operator-chaining should work, so that, for instance, a spiff-iffied metacity and an improved gnome-mag magnification service can coexist nicely. Perhaps by having the primary compositing manager (metacity?) communicate with a pluggable compositing service, gnome-mag being a collection of pluggable operators...


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