Re: About Compositing

[cworth asked me a few days ago about the compositor in Metacity
saying he wanted to help, gicmo has been asking about it in irc and
offering to help out, we're getting various patches in bugzilla
occasionally, and now we're getting some mailing list questions. 
Let's get a good answer to this in the archives so I can just point
people at it.  Soeren, please respond and flesh this out...]

On 11/23/05, Pascal Potvin <pascal potvin gmail com> wrote:
> Is there ppl in the metacity dev team who thinks they will try to
> integrate compositing inside metacity someday?
> I'm ready to give my time coding on this if it is possible...
> It's not really a feature request, but more a "is it feasible ?"

Soeren's heading up the effort; there exist both a spiffifity and
spif2 branch in CVS for this.  Carl has begun helping recently. 
Christian may join the effort soon as he's talked about it on irc a
few different times over the past couple weeks.  I know virtually
nothing about it.

Soeren: Where/how should I refer people that offer to help with the
compositing stuff?  What about bugs and patches submitted in bugzilla
(e.g. can/should they be marked as invalid if they're against head
instead of one of the branches)?

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