Re: Your GNOME Foundation Membership is about to expire

Although I have completed the below form for membership renewal is
really confusing to find at
the message
"Renewing your membership
Membership in the GNOME Foundation lasts for two years. You will be
contacted to renew your membership before it expires. Renewal
applications are not automatically accepted. Please remember that
membership's renewals shouldn't be considered a mere formality, as the
Membership Committee will do the needed checks to verify applicant's
contributions over the past two years."

Doesn't clearly clarify what users have to do if they want to renew
their membership. I had to figure out that I have to complete that
"unified" form by reading a message in a mail list, so this is really
confusing. Maybe this could be improved by replacing that message with
something like:

"If you want to continue to be a member of GNOME fill the form below.
Membership in the GNOME Foundation lasts for years..."

Thanks for the help.

2012/10/17 Andrea Veri <av gnome org>:
2012/10/17 Tobias Mueller <muelli cryptobitch de>:
Hey Fran,

hm. If you use, i.e. w/o the
https://, it should work.

Infrastructure: The SSL setup seems to be broken enough to confuse a
bunch of people. Can you look into that? I guess the correct solution is
to provide a valid certificate for the relevant hostname and set SNI up

The link above works fine here, what's wrong?



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